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"What Does This Mad-Scientist Ph.D. Know That You Don't--(But Should)--If You Want To..."

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.
  • Make a LOT more money with less effort because you know the precise language people use when they're getting ready to purchase…
  • Discover your most valuable buyers and convert them into loyal customers quickly  (BEFORE your competition gets to them)
  • Earn MORE profit with FAR FEWER keywords (so you can focus your resources with laser-like precision in your effort to dominate your market)
  • Be the only one in your market to offer your customers real point of difference benefits (as opposed to simple "price of entry" features
  • Create products and services with distinct advantages your customers desperately want (and can’t find elsewhere)
  • Boost profits on existing product lines or help cut your risk of failure in new markets in HALF…
  • Dominate new markets you enter because you understand the conversation in your prospects' head better than anyone else…
  • Wipe out competitors by making it difficult for others to compete…
  • Work with the only professionals in the world certified to provide these risk avoidance and maximum ROI marketing strategies...
From the desk of Dr. Glenn Livingston
Saturday, 11:23 a.m. (Windham, New Hampshire)

Dear Friend:

Yes, it’s true!

Many businesses and start-ups have used my virtually fail-proof system to make a LOT more money with less effort.

That’s because these businesses used my system to discover the precise language people use when they're ready to buy. In other words, they understood the conversation in their prospects’ head better than anyone else.

And they understood their prospects better than anyone else because my proven system teaches ultra-advanced competitive and market intelligence strategies. Strategies you can also use to crush your competition and dominate new markets.

By the way, other than the people you'll reach through this page there are NO other providers in the world certified in these risk avoidance and maximum ROI marketing strategies! NO Internet gurus. NO marketing gurus. NO a-level copywriters. NO pay-per-click agencies. NO search engine optimization agencies. And, NO advertising agencies. NO one!


How Did I Develop These Uniquely
Powerful Market Research Strategies
If NO ONE Teaches Them?

Turns out, I developed most of my strategies before the Internet even existed. In fact, I developed them over a 20-year period. And most of them while I was consulting for BILLION-DOLLAR companies. Fortune 500 companies like…

  • AT & T…
  • Bausch & Lomb…
  • Citibank...
  • Hallmark…
  • Kodak…
  • Lipton…
  • Panasonic…
  • Whirlpool…
  • American Express…
  • Colgate-Palmolive…
  • Exxon…
  • J. Walter Thompson…
  • Kraft…
  • Master Card…
  • Sara Lee…
  • Nabisco...

…just to name a few.

All of these Fortune 500 companies were marketing offline. And, all hired me to crawl deep inside their prospects’ minds.

As a result, I helped most of them uncover exactly what their prospects were desperate to buy. As well as improve profits on existing product lines. Plus, research new markets (often before an idea for a product even existed.) But my stellar track record doesn’t end there.

I’ve also applied the same time-tested principles I teach in my step-by-step system to the Internet. Fact is, I tested them in 15 different markets. Markets that have nothing to do with making money online or business advice. And, as you can clearly see below, I succeeded at an astounding rate of speed:

Income growth graphed month-by-month from an actual sales report generated from account #46203 

DISCLAIMER: It's unlikely you'll get the same explosive growth I did because I had 20 years of professional marketing experience prior to instituting these campaigns.  I was also marketing in a different economic climate.  On the other hand, I think you would be much less likely to achieve these kinds of results without the research described on this page.  And wouldn't you be risking more by passing on this unique opportunity, especially given the affordable done-for-you prices I've arranged!?   Full legal disclosure statement

What’s more, my methods and principles have generated a flood of publicity in newspapers, radio and TV.

Marketing Psychologist Rakes In
Worth of FREE Publicity

Over the years, I’ve had the press eating out of my hand because my system is, without doubt, one of the best systems for identifying emotional hot buttons in a particular market. More importantly, deciphering what actually motivates people to buy.

Of course, I gave the media rock-solid proof—statistically reliable numbers as support. And in turn, they gave me a gift. Tens-of-thousands-of-dollars worth of FREE publicity (including some feature stories.)

For example, I’ve appeared in: The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun Times, Milwaukee Business Journal, Indiana Star Ledger, Crain’s New York Business, just to name a few.

Aside from that, I’ve also published articles and had my work cited in many trade publications. Publications like: American Demographics, Marketing News (American Marketing Association,) Quirks Marketing Research Review, Views, Direct Marketing News, The Canadian Marketing Association, Transaction World and Research Business Report.

I have also been interviewed on ABC, CBS, and Bloomberg Radio Stations, UPN, WNTN and WGN TV.

Please understand I don’t say all this to impress you. But to impress upon you that I have a very successful track record. And, I hope by now, you agree that I’ve provided ample proof. Enough proof for you to take me seriously because you can take this next statement to the bank:

“Whoever Understands the Prospect and Customer Best and Does It FIRST in Their Market… WINS!”

That’s all well and good. But I’m getting way ahead of myself. As you’ll soon notice, I’ve put together a pop quiz for you. And I'd like you to take it before I reveal the fastest way to become the dominant business in your market. Why the quiz, you may ask?

Well, if you can’t answer any of the following questions about YOUR MARKET in 15-seconds or less, you are losing customers, time and money. So, let’s find out how many of them you can answer or say “yes” to—with 100% certainty.

On your marks, get set, go (check off the questions you can answer):  

If you could only advertise on ONE keyword phrase, do you know which one it would be?
Have you carefully compared bulls-eye keyword candidates on relevance, volume, and bid price?
Do you know how to limit your keyword archery target to exactly six keyword groups that relate to your bulls-eye keyword phrase?
Have you written down well thought out conceptual boundaries for your keyword target to avoid wasting time, money and effectiveness by over-diversifying your resources?
Do you know your most important competitors in the SIX keyword conversations you serve best… with 100% certainty?
Have you carefully reverse engineered their advertising, price points, customer service, follow up campaigns and web testing history?
Do you regularly monitor a competitive intelligence dashboard which includes relevant social media conversations (Twitter, Facebook, etc), news items, blogs, forums and search trending information for your most important keywords?
Can you clearly articulate the difference between your most important keywords in terms of the “conversation in your prospect’s head?”
Do you know at least a DOZEN relevant case or scientific studies in your market which you can reference in your sales copy to prove key sales propositions and overcome difficult objections?
Do you know the difference between "point of difference" (the things people will open up their wallets and pay for) versus "price of entry” benefits (information you’d better give away free) in your market?
If you know the difference between "point of difference" and "price of entry" benefits in your market, do you know exactly what they are because you’ve surveyed each of your SIX most important keywords and applied a point of difference analysis to them?
Have you analyzed your competitors’ sites to identify market gaps and true point of difference benefits which motivate your most valuable customers?
Can you boil your business down to an elevator speech that consists of one keyword phrase?
Do you know what the most valuable buyers on your bulls-eye keyword want, the language they use to express it, and how to upsell them other products?
Do you have strategies in place to flood your website with the most valuable customers (Hyper-Responsives) in your market?
Have you crafted a message that distinguishes you from your competitors and clearly says to the marketplace why it should choose your business to handle their problems?
Have you aligned all your advertising, website design, and other market communications with a singular Unique Selling Proposition that was derived from your knowledge of everything above?
Is your Unique Selling Proposition clearly targeted at your most valuable customers on your keyword bulls-eye?
Do you have a well executed plan for optimizing your website’s conversions using inputs derived from prospect and customer research?
Do you know how to tell if your very first market or a new market you want to enter is even worth testing?

Now, count the number of questions you could answer.  Be honest. How did you do?

The truth is, if you could only answer HALF of these twenty questions or less, one thing is absolutely clear: You are losing customers, time, and money.

Furthermore, if you are not hip to this advanced competitive and marketing intelligence, you make your business very vulnerable to competitors. I’m serious.

I’m dead-serious because if you have an existing business or you are a start-up with no customers:

  • You MUST have a strategic understanding of your market…

  • You MUST know your prospects’ and customers’ concerns, wants and needs; plus… 

  • You MUST also segment your list into sub-groups based upon those concerns, wants and needs.

Otherwise, you're playing blind archery; you’re just shooting arrows in the air. But if you prefer to hit the bulls-eye all the time, my company can help.

Bottom line, we strive to help you reach the most valuable buyers faster than your competition with the right message, every time...

As a result, you can…

Your Niche with a Deeper Understanding
of Your Customers’ Needs and Wants

It's that simple.

However, we absolutely can’t help you if you fit either of these three  categories.

CAN’T HELP YOU CATEGORY #1: You sell a product or service that promotes hate mongering, pornography, cigarettes, speed seduction, gambling, or anything else which might jeopardize my professional license.

CAN’T HELP YOU CATEGORY #2: You are not comfortable with our fee structure (which you’ll see in a moment.) As you might guess, we take quality seriously. And, we take it seriously because we target our services to people who are serious about becoming the dominate player in their niche.

For all these reasons, we pay our seasoned researchers top-dollar for their work. This is in your best interest as well as ours. After all, you wouldn't want a researcher rushing through your project like an assembly line... you want careful, customized attention to detail in order to unearth market insights that can move your business to the next level.  You want research that helps you crush your competition AND dominate new markets.

(Don't get me wrong, I have arranged a very affordable rate for you indeed... but there's only so far I can go and maintain the professional quality associated with my name)... 

CAN’T HELP YOU CATEGORY #3: You misunderstand the deliverables of this service.  What we're providing is COMPREHENSIVE RESEARCH in your market.  Research that gives you critical insights and a foundation to build a market crushing system upon!  But what you get is KNOWLEDGE.  An intelligence report, not a fully implemented marketing system. 

(Note: If desired we can also offer coaching and consulting services--at an affordable hourly rate--to hold your hand while you build your marketing system based upon the key insights we deliver.  We can also be available to assist your designer, agency, copywriter, or other professionals while they execute your plan.   But in order to increase their power, we've chosen to have our research team specialize in garnering marketing insights.  At the time of publishing this we don't yet have the labor force on staff to do the development work.)

Introducing Operation Bulls-Eye™,
the Elite Marketing Methodology for
Companies Who Want to Rake In
More Visitors, Customers, Sales and Profits

Operation Bulls-Eye™ is a proven plan-of-action for your business, which involves THREE critical steps:

STEP #1: We identify the money-making bulls-eye (dead-center) keyword for your business

As you know, the search engines are indexed by keywords. Every keyword represents a conversation in the prospect’s head. A unique set of concerns, needs, objections, and fears. Now, the vendor who best understands those needs and concerns, will come out on top.

In other words, they’ll pull the searcher out of the competitive environment and into their sales funnel. So when I discuss the bulls-eye keyword concept with a client, I will ask:

“If you could only advertise in AdWords on one keyword, only optimize your website to get traffic based on one keyword, and you can only give an elevator speech that was comprised of one keyword phrase, what would that keyword be?”

That is your bulls-eye (dead-center) keyword. And you know what? Most people don’t know what theirs’ is. Do you?

Now consider this: The most successful online marketers know what their bulls-eye keyword is. More importantly, they design ALL their marketing to better understand the conversation in peoples’ heads. As well as the emotional needs of searchers for that bulls-eye keyword. By now, you are probably asking, “What criteria do you use Glenn to select the bulls-eye keyword for my business?

In a nutshell, the criteria we use are:

  • Number of searches (volume)…

  • Amount of money that’s available in the market...

  • Amount and level of competition, plus…

  • Relevancy to your business...

... and my proprietary formulas systematically evaluate the possible candidates for the bulls-eye keyword. And, we then calculate which keyword candidate is likely to make you the most money.

As a result, of this keyword research process—you will know the bulls-eye keyword for your business—based on volume, relevancy and bid price. But this is only the beginning. You will also get the top five keywords that relate to your bulls-eye. The two biggest payoffs?

First, you'll be likely to make MORE money with fewer keywords

Second, you’ll not waste a lot of time and money chasing after hundreds of other keywords.

Remember: The key to your long-term success is not getting lost in the keyword candy store. You can’t win with hundreds of keywords. But, you can win big with your bulls-eye and five other related keywords.

Yet that’s not all you receive from Operation Bulls-Eye
. Far from it!

STEP #2: We arm you with insider COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE

As soon as we know the bulls-eye and the five other related keywords, the obvious questions then become…

“Who is already winning the game?

Who are the vendors most successfully bidding on these six keywords?

How are they winning?

What’s their business model?

What changes did they make to their website that are most successful over time?

Here is another perk exclusively for Operation Bulls-Eye™ clients. As part of another series of math formulas, we’ll tell you who your single most important competitor is for these six keywords. So what does this mean for you?

Just like you can’t win on lots of keywords, there’s not enough time in the day to keep track of, integrate and respond to all the competitors that bid on your keyword archery target. So, you MUST narrow it down to one or two competitors tops. Then watch them like a hawk.

Bottom line, we’ll reveal the name of the 800 lb. gorilla in your market. (Note: This may not be the company you presently THINK is your top competitor!)  And, to top it off, we’ll take apart their business step-by-step.

At this point, we are not guessing whether or not the 800 lb. gorilla is the most successful competitor bidding on your most important keyword. We’ll know. No doubt about it. Better yet, we do all this competitive intelligence for you.

As if all the benefits I’ve told you so far are not enough, Operation Bulls-Eye™ delivers yet another critical benefit to your business.

STEP #3: We Identify the Language, Concerns,
Wants, and Needs of Your Most Valuable Prospects
(Across your whole bulls eye target!)

The final step is to comprehensively review the language, concerns, wants and needs of prospects already discussing anything associated with your archery target.

How?'s a sad thing for society these days, but everyone seems to be just blurting out whatever's on their mind all the time in social media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, just to name a few.

In Step #3, we set up a "hyper-intelligence center" which pulls in practically EVERYTHING the market is talking about and organizes it all in one place...

Then we arrange it in meaningful, organized "bulletoids™": the building blocks for professional advertising copy which you can scan quickly to get a powerful sense of market language and needs.


You'll Get a Comprehensive Report Which
Reviews the Findings and Suggests Next
Action Steps to Build Your Profit System
(And at a Price You Can Afford!)

The deliverable will be a comprehensive report of findings, showing exactly how your bulls eye and archery target were chosen (with quantitative proof to back our decision)

This is the kind of intelligence Fortune 500 companies used to pay literally hundreds of thousands of dollars for...

But you can have it for pennies on the dollar at only...


Please Note: After we've completed the case studies this will go up by at least another $500  (But you don't have to decide today... just order an initial consultation below and we'll evaluate the possibility together)

Many clients choose to create a website solely based upon the competitive intelligence provided by Operation Bulls Eye™.  But some also wish to survey and talk to prospects for an even clearer picture of what's going on. (We can provide this as an additional service),


You COULD Also Learn How to Execute "Operation
Bulls Eye" Entirely On Your Own By Subscribing to
the “Hyper Responsive Marketing Secrets”
Club for $97 per month

Listen, if you want to do this yourself I've already made my systems public... laid out in crystal clear detail within the hyper-responsive marketing club.  I didn't pull any punches... you really DO get every last tid-bit in my educational system.

However, it takes the average person 6-12 MONTHS and approximately SEVERAL HUNDRED HOURS of their own time to master and implement my principles.

So my question to you is, If you own a business or are thinking about starting a business, what is the OPPORTUNITY COST if you decide to take this path?

Of course, you can try to figure it all out yourself and pray you don’t make any costly mistakes. Or, you can let us do it for you, so you can focus on other high-payoff activities. Or, if you are still sitting on the fence…

Invest 60-Minutes With a Livingston Certified Consultant for Marketing Advice Worth
Many Times Your $75 Investment

During your private consultation, my Livingston certified consultant will ask you a lot of questions about your business model and goals. Together, you’ll find out if Operation Bulls-Eye™ can have a dramatic and immediate impact on your business.

On the other hand, it's possible our marketing methodology is NOT the right plan-of-action for your business. Perhaps, you don’t have a viable business model. In which case, you should see that as great news.

Just think about it: If your business or business idea has a slim chance of succeeding, we might be able to help you avoid that inevitable “Black-Hole Money Pit” that can drive you out of business.

Isn’t it worth investing $75 to find out if investing tens-of-thousands-of-dollars and hundreds of hours into a business or a business idea is a good idea?  I think it’s a no brainer.

And, if you’ve come this far, I think you’ll agree I’ve given you several good reasons to reserve a 60-minute consultation for yourself. So do yourself a favor.

Take advantage of this special introductory offer right now while it’s fresh on your mind. Now, here’s the next step…

REMEMBER: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DECIDE TODAY!  Because It All Starts with a Sixty-Minute, $75 Research Strategy Session to Review Your Unique Situation

Just Click the Add to Cart Button
Below and Pay for Your Consultation

(After payment, you'll be sent an email with
a few questions that will help your consultant
prepare for your time together, which will
be scheduled within one week's time)

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

If you don't agree your sixty minute consultation was worth many times the $75 price tag, just let your consultant know before you finish your time with them and I'll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked, and no hard feelings (really).

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the sake of absolute clarity, what you're paying for at this juncture is 60 minutes of time with one of my Livingston Certified Bulls-Eye Consultants to review your business, not the Bulls Eye service itself.  The value of this time IS guaranteed... if you don't think it was worth at least 10x what you paid for it just let your consultant know before getting off the phone/Skype during your consult and I'll refund your money in full.  But acceptance in the research service is conditional on all parties determining they are a good fit to work together.

I have read this letter in full and understand I am simply purchasing the 60-minute Bulls Eye consultation session with a Livingston Certified Bulls Eye Consultant at this time.  I know the service described above is not part of this review, and will be discussed/offered at the end of my consultation only if appropriate.  I also know that paying for my 60 minute consultation today does not guarantee acceptance in the service, although the value of the consultation itself IS guaranteed.  If I don't feel it was worth at least 10x what I paid for it, I'll let my consultant know before we get off the phone and you will refund 100% of the money paid today.   Last, I have also read and agreed to the Disclaimer and Terms of Use Agreement, the Privacy Policy, and the Full Testimonial and Results Disclosure Statement
Please Note: After we've completed the case studies the price for the full service will go up by at least $500  (But you don't have to decide today... just order an initial consultation and we'll evaluate the possibility together)

(NOTE: We strictly limit the number of new consults we accept each
month for quality control purposes. If no room is available, you will
be placed on a waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis)

IMPORTANT: we can't work with sites which sell hate mongering, pornography, cigarettes, speed seduction, gambling, psychics, the Boston Red Sox and/or other products and services which might jeopardize our professional status with our credentialing agencies.  I hope you'll understand.  (Well, maybe on the Red Sox, but seriously not on the other ones)






“Glenn Livingston has one of the most thoroughly vetted market research and product rollout systems I've ever seen. The man has reduced marketing to a nearly exact science." - Perry Marshall

Perry S. Marshall
Author "Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords"

(Published by Entrepreneur Press)

Comments from Dr. Livingston's Seminar Attendees After
Learning His Methods:

"I've been a marketer for 21 years now and I've had some successes and failures, and when I look back on my track record I've found that the failures were almost always because I didn't know who I was selling to.  I was really kind of playing what Dan Kennedy would call 'blind archery' ... and when I've done well, it's always because I was very clear on who my audience was and exactly what they wanted.  I had done well even with some simple survey techniques, but I heard everybody raving about the results they were getting with Glenn's techniques, so I was one of the first people to sign up [for Dr. Livingston's earlier research seminar]"

Bill Harrison
Radio-TV Interview Report
Philadelphia, PA

"This is really a system where I can confirm before I go in and launch and start a venture, that I've increased my likelihood of success, ... you know, it's like having the answers to a test"

Brian Therrien
BST Enterprises
Charlotte, VT
(617) 747-3996

"Well ... they wouldn't even BE your competition, it's that simple as far as I'm concerned [...]  people who have this information CAN find out exactly what the market wants and, the thing is, to the degree ... it's just amazing ... you can can find out almost to the letter exactly what they want, exactly how they PHRASE what they want, it's just amazing, and someone who doesn't have that, as far as I'm concerned, is NOT your competition!"

Stephen Georgulis
Sydney, Australia


"The thing that immediately hit me was how clear he was about his targeted customer.  He really knew what his customers wanted and was providing that to them ... so he had got such clear marketing ... and REAL marketing, none of this other stuff that is giving the name 'marketing' ...  he really knew the marketing for his niche, what needed to be done.  I saw that and went 'I WANT TO DO THAT!'"

Barbara Warburg
United Kingdom


I saw this as the avenue that is going to take me to a very profitable and secure income level.  I expected to come to the seminar and learn how to do market research, learn how to study products, and with almost absolute certainty know that I could take those products, that research, that knowledge and ... apply it to a business and make money from it, ... investing small amounts of money up front to have a secure stable income"

Sam Hughes,
Milwaukee, WI


"...find out if there's even a feasible market. You know I started in this business in the early 90s when it was kind of 'blue skies' ... and a lot of it really was trial and error ... you would build a website and see if they come ... take your best ideas and put it out there and try to market a product or service based upon what we knew, ... and I've learned more and more as markets become more competitive and a lot of direct marketing is happening out there that market research is essential, and Glenn's model is superior to anything I've ever seen"

Damon Dickinson
Mandala Multimedia
Asheville, NC


"Glenn has an amazing way of approaching market intelligence.  He combines the HEAD, the analytical, the numbers ... with the HEART, ... the subjective, the 'less quantifiable' ... and then he comes at it from a different direction 'what we SAY and what we DO' ... it becomes a quadrant ... he attacks the market from north, south, east, west, ... and then he quantifies that, so that it truly does become a love relationship with the prospective customer, with the market.  I'm convinced it gives him the power that no one else has ... few other people do this!"

Dave Seldon
Nashville, TN


"I can tell you that my expectations of coming was to get information concerning how to analyze a market, how to diagnose what the best entry point into a market would be, and then how that would help shorten that learning curve down the road.  And I can tell you quite candidly that my expectations of what I expected vs. the information which was given to me was just overwhelmingly good.  My thought coming here was that I'd kind of learn how to survey and understand the market a little bit better and then craft a business model that would fit the needs of that particular market ... and it went WAY BEYOND that in terms of giving me the tools to really penetrate and take my pick of a niche, or of a BROAD MARKET  and go into that with a lot of confidence.  Because I've gone into markets before and fell right on my tail because I wasn't prepared and now I'm looking back and just shuddering thinking 'my goodness, if I had known what I know now back then I could have saved thousands of dollars and a lot of heartache!"

Jeff Hughes,
Milwaukee, WI


"Your slides were clear, your explanations were clear, your handouts were clear, and I know exactly what I'm doing.

It's 11:30 on the Monday after the seminar, and I already have a very detailed to-do list here that I'm busy executing right this minute. I can't tell you how excited I am to be implementing everything you're teaching here. I mean that. I never would have realized how much of a goldmine there is in all of our keywords and how much we could be doing to learn more about our customers *before* they buy from us and streamline their learning process. And right now as I'm going over our Google accounts it's so screaming obvious to me how much more organized we could, and can, be with our marketing message. And we're the "experts"! Thank you, thank you, thank you [...]  I've got a big handful of other projects that I want to do this with as well, and I know your method will work. It will work for our current sales funnel, and it will be invaluable for starting up new projects too. There's no way I can go wrong with any of them if I do what you've taught here.

And do you know what I appreciate most about working with you and our group? It's how completely honest and unabashedly ethical you are. Sure, we'll grow our income through doing this, but the real story is that our customers will get what they want and need that much faster when we do this.

That's not ultimately a benefit to us as much as it's a benefit to them. I appreciate your pointing this out to us repeatedly over the weekend, and I appreciate knowing that you don't at all have a 'mercenary' attitude about this.

Give my thanks to Sharon too. I found her input at every point to be invaluable. I swear she's smarter than all of the rest of us combined! Especially showing us how she does focus groups. Have you ever considered making the two of you a guru-twosome? (She's a fantastic hostess, too.)"

Bryan Todd,
Perry Marshall & Associates
Oak Brook, IL


"in the next year I can see this [being worth] ... conservatively, $100,000, ... more than that very easily, ... in terms of the long haul, who knows ... could be worth millions and millions and millions for the long haul"

Jeff Hughes,
Milwaukee, WI

"I think this is information that not many people have got.   Whereas you go to a lot of other seminars and you get a lot of the same stuff over and over or similar stuff ... this was just a completely new level of something that most people haven't had experience in!"

Stephen Georgulis
Sydney, Australia


" ... let's look at the cost of failure ... if you kind of play 'blind archery' and spend all this time and effort trying to sell to people that you don't understand you're just going to get killed ... I can tell you from personal experience, that's what happens ...his whole process just saves you tons of time and gives you a very clear roadmap of exactly how to implement it.  So this is a real investment, I think it's the best investment you can make in your business" 

Bill Harrison
Radio-TV Interview Report
Philadelphia, PA

"At the time of saying this I have no idea how much this course is going to be, but I would say that whatever the price is, it's going to be a lot cheaper than spending years trying to market a message to people that is the wrong message, because that's a very expensive business mistake.  So whatever you pay up front to learn how to research the market I think is money very well spent"

John Parker
Vancouver, Canada

On Using The System for New Markets:  "This is all about knowing a market, ... and it's so thorough that even if you don't have personal experience in that market you can still go into it and find out, what are the things that people will pay money for!" 

Perry Marshall,
Perry Marshall & Associates
Oak Brook, IL

"If you don't understand your customer and you don't understand what they want, it's very difficult to deliver to them.  I mean ... I've gone about and built other businesses and by luck have succeeded ... and I look back on it and it's like miraculous now but, I wouldn't do it again"

Brian Therrien
BST Enterprises
Charlotte, VT
(617) 747-3996

"Any business that's already successful needs to be able to do this well.  Corporations spend millions of dollars on doing this and still do it badly!"

Barbara Warburg
United Kingdom
My First Internet Journey

"This is not a technique.  Glenn bases his approach on principles. They don't change.  I believe fully that if Claude Hopkins were alive today, he would be learning this.  This is that powerful, ... this is radical"

Dave Seldon,
Nashville, TN

"What Glenn's taught this weekend is pretty much, as far as I'm concerned, the ultimate in finding out what someone wants.  In any market, in any area of life you can apply this, and you could find out exactly what that person wants, and you can then go ahead and basically dominate that area in selling products to those people.  And the other thing that I think is absolutely phenomenal about it is that, not only will you just sell more, but you're giving them what they want.  That's the even better part of it ... if you have a passion for that market, especially, ... it's both sides of the coin.  You profit, but they profit too because they get what they want."

Stephen Georgulis
Sydney, Australia

"I have watched Glenn's business go through a complete transition with this system that I've learned and have been taught here, and his business has just gone through the roof while mine has been stagnant ... so it's one of those things, you know 'If you can't beat'm, join'm type of deal'"

Brian Therrien
BST Enterprises
Charlotte, VT
(617) 747-3996

legal: full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement

"Someone in the audience [at Perry Marshall's seminar] asked Glenn 'when do you know when you can get into a new market' ... and his answer astounded me ... he said 'my life changes ... when my life has changed, I know I'm ready to go into a new market' ... and that was so intriguing to me"

Dave Seldon,
Nashville, TN

"The title sums it up 'Do Your Friggin' Research!'  If you're really serious about wanting to do  business and you've got a work ethic and you've got the drive, ... and you want to make a career, a business, a lifestyle out of this ... this is THE best tool out there to use.  I've never seen anything that comes even close to what this process..."  [Note: the working title for the product was originally 'Do Your Friggin' Research' ... Sam references this herein]

Sam Hughes,
Milwaukee, WI

"...personally I've found writing sales letters very very time consuming and really agonizing, particularly if you're not clear on the benefits.  So what I really like about Glenn's process is that once you go through it your copy practically writes itself.  He really teaches you to drill down on exactly what people want, ... what are the top 3 benefits, what are the top objections ... it really makes the process of writing copy infinitely easier!"

Bill Harrison
Radio-TV Interview Report
Philadelphia, PA

"I originally came to this seminar from the Perry Marshall advanced Google Adwords seminar, ... I saw Glenn's presentation there, and what it did was, first of all ... it matched my basic philosophy which is ... find a hungry market first, find out exactly what they want or need, and then give it to them, and then continue to give it to them.  What Glenn showed me was a model that allowed me to do that consistently ... a reproducible system to do that"

Damon Dickinson
Mandala Multimedia
Asheville, NC

"I would say to a friend of mine, ... yes, I know you may have been burned before and you may be weary, ... but you really need to do this, this is truly for real!  If you're not ready to do this, you're not serious.  You need to do this"

Dave Seldon,
Nashville, TN

"Someone that knew this could out-write some of the best copywriters in the world, because they [the best copywriters in the world] couldn't get the thorough understanding of a market that the people that have this information could ... and that's incredibly powerful"

"The thing that separates average copywriters from the great copywriters is that the really good ones know how to research.  The thing that a lot of people talked about in this seminar, as they've been chatting to each other is that, by learning this stuff their copy almost writes itself.    They know what the markets wants, they know what they need to provide the market with in their products and all that and essentially your copy is only telling them that your product is there and it can help them ... your copy really writes itself, and that's what interested me about it"

Stephen Georgulis
Sydney, Australia



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