"Want to Get Into Business Together?"

"I'm Looking for a Few Special
Businesses to Buy or Partner With"

Dear Friends:

Have you ever considered trying to find a way to get my involvement in your business  Not just as a coach, consultant, or educator... but to actually work on it to take it to the next level?

Well, here's the thing.

I've got the experience, skills, and people to push certain types of businesses beyond their sticking points relatively quickly.  (I'm looking at this specifically with Ryan, my long-time-sub-coach and hiking buddy)  

At a certain point in your career, it gets easier to grow by acquiring, optimizing, and taking existing businesses to the next level, than going through all the work associated with building a new one.  A lot easier.

I'm sure you already know both Ryan and I have put our own money on the line in developing our own businesses, and that we've both been around the block a few times in the entrepreneurial world.  So you won't find it any big surprise we’re open to hear you out if you've got a business you’re tired of running, or feel you can’t take to the next level on your own.

Here's what we're specifically looking for...

Established businesses which have hit a wall due to lack of adequate skills, knowledge, time, capital, or labor.

Got a promising project sitting on "the back burner"... a business you just can't seem to push to the next level?  Something you just can't seem to make time for, or which perplexes you?  This might be your opportunity.

As long as it's not related to pornography, hate, cigarettes, or anything else which could jeopardize our professional licenses, standing in the community, or prompt our spouses and significant others to withdraw their affections.

And as long as it IS already established.

(This is specifically NOT about IDEAS for businesses... I've got a lot of compassion for what it takes to build a successful marketing system and have dedicated the last six years of my career to teaching others how to do it... this is about moving existing, established businesses to the next level.  You don't necessarily have to be profitable to qualify for this, but you DO have to be making sales and showing potential - otherwise it would make more sense for us to develop our own ideas from scratch)

So go ahead, spill your heart out and let us know what you've got.

We can't promise to take you up on it, or respond to every submission, but we DO promise to read what you're suggesting. 

Here are a few questions for your consideration and prompting...

  • What does the business sell, specifically?

  • Succinctly, what is the primary benefit to the customer?

  • What level are you currently at?

  • How did you get there?

  • What's stopping you, specifically, in your best estimation, from getting further? (This is the most important question)

  • What have you tried to date to overcome this obstacle?

  • We're open to many different equity structures.  Here are some ideas which might be appropriate: 

    • We buy your business outright...
    • We acquire a majority position with you holding a minority equity position as a silent partner, thus enabling you to still enjoy some of the long term upside...

    • We acquire a majority position contingent on hitting specific revenue and/or profit targets within a date certain...

    • Other: let us know what you’ve got in mind please...

OK, Here's the Great Big Hairy Response Form
(The more details you let us know, the better,
including the main URL and/or landing page for
your business, traffic sources, and conversion rates)

IMPORTANT: our commitment to you at this juncture is to READ through your request at a high level. Unfortunately, we can NOT promise to respond to every submission.  Please do not submit this form if this is unacceptable to you.  Also, due to volume, we score and prioritize these submissions and keep them in a queue for processing over the course of several months, though if your business looks promising you MAY hear from us immediately.   I hope you'll understand.


(Please don't reveal anything confidential at this stage, but DO share
the main URL of your business and/or landing pages if appropriate)


Warmest Regards,

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.


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