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"Let's Turn Your Website Into a High
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My Audio and Video Interviews That Sell!"

Sharon Livingston, Ph.D.

Are you leveraging the power of sight and sound in your web-sales system?  Following up with powerful Videos and MP3s?  Do they tell the right story?  Are they pressing the right emotional hot buttons?  Would you bet your business on it? (You are!)

  • "I've Interviewed Over 60,000 Consumers, Professionals, and Purchasing Agents About Their Response to Advertising...
  • Stephen Covey engaged me to help put the right story on his website: "My expectations were exceeded. I was impressed by both the character and competence of Dr. Livingston. Her ability to draw people out in unique and creative ways and..." -- Stephen R. Covey
  • I've worked with A T & T, American Express, Astra Zeneca, Bausch & Lomb, Burger King, Chase, Citibank, Colgate-Palmolive, Grey Advtg, Hallmark, Hunt Wesson, J & J, Exxon, Ford Motor Company, General Mills, Gore, J Walter Thompson, Kodak, Kraft, Lipton, Nabisco, M & M/Mars, Master Card, Merck, Novartis/Ciba, Ortho McNeil, P & G, Pfizer, Pharmacia, Pillsbury, Roche, Sara Lee, Unilever, Warner Lambert, Weight Watchers, Nextel, JJill, and dozens more...
  • But I'm sick of traveling and dealing with jet set clients, so now I'm working with entrepreneurs on a small business budget...
  • Who's better qualified to supercharge your web sales with the right story, masterfully told on the web via the power of audio and video?


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  • Dramatically boost conversion with audios and video that engage and convert!  (It's almost as good as sitting in your prospect's living room, answering each objection, and reassuring them at every turn)...

  • Identify the right emotional hot buttons to weave into your core story with passion, warmth, and authenticity

  • Use Audio and Video Infomercials on your SALES PAGES, ABOUT US PAGES, and FOLLOW UP SYSTEMS to put your marketing on autopilot...

  • Create engaging, motivating PODCASTS that sell! 

  • Podcast your audios on iTUNES and attract more qualified traffic! (iTunes users are proven audio-seekers: they WANT to be sold with voice)

  • Develop INTERVIEW PRODUCTS for additional revenue streams (and for use as a "stepping stones" when your prospects aren't quite ready for your higher ticket products and services)...

  • Package your sales story the right way for live presentations, internet videos, elevator speeches...

  • Create the right POWERPOINT VIDEOS to make your site sell...

  • Be featured on MY site and internet business radio show...

  • And much, much more!

Whether You Realize It or Not
Your Website IS a Multimedia Salesperson

It's true... your website really IS a salesperson...and it's got three important jobs.

First, it's got to engage prospects with warmth and authenticity.

Second, it's got to highlight key features, "point of difference benefits", and the RIGHT emotional hot buttons to motivate purchase.

Last, you've got to TELL THE RIGHT STORY on your site... to pull your prospect in so deep they simply can't stop reading, listening, or watching until they're ready to buy (or contact you)

And if your site isn't selling as well as you'd like it to, the odds are overwhelming you're falling short on one of these three essential tasks.


I'll Make Your Online Sales System
"Come Alive" with the Right Personal Story
Using Audio and Video Interviews That Sell:
(I'll make you sound authentic, warm, and engaging...
 because people buy from those they know, like, and trust)

To Get a Sense of My Style, You Can Listen to
Me Interviewing Dr. Stephen Covey Right Here

30 min 14 sec

With the ease of distributing audio and video online, I can help you USE that story to duplicate yourself and generate warm leads (and sales) on autopilot.   We'll record, package, and present your BEST sales story on Sales Pages, Follow Up Pages, and About Us Pages.

We can ALSO take your recordings and:

  • Distribute them FREE via iTunes to get you a wider audience

  • Make them into products in and of themselves (this can either be used as an additional, passive revenue stream, or as a stepping stone for customers not quite ready for your higher end products and services)

  • Create "audio CD business cards" you can hand out for people to play on their computer...

Of course, I've got a stellar editing team, a web-distribution team, and a professional design team to package your products (when this is your goal)... so all you've got to do is TELL ME YOUR STORY... and I'll help you SELL! 

And the best part is, because I've grown extraordinarily weary of the jet set lifestyle, I'm now helping internet entrepreneurs just like you, at very affordable prices.

More on that in just a moment.  But first, I want to point out...

Why Most Websites Fail at the Three Essential Tasks:

WHY MOST WEBSITES FAIL AT JOB #1:  Authentic Engagement

Most small business people I meet are warm and engaging in person.  In fact, when they get a chance to "present their story" to a genuinely interested prospect, most get a pretty decent close rate.

The PROBLEM is, when they try to "package up" their personal presentation into a website, they become stiff and "salesman-like" so the prospect immediately puts up their guard.  (NOTE: this also happens with the use of text and graphics ...almost as often as it does with audio and video presentations)

For some reason, people do one of two things whenever they attempt to move their sales messages online:  Either they try to emulate a fancy, corporate looking site on a small brand's budget...OR they become a kind of "carnival barker", SHOUTING their benefits at the prospect without first making a genuine connection...

But, you see, when you've got a genuine connection, you often don't need to do more than "whisper"...

WHY MOST WEBSITES FAIL AT JOB #2: Hitting the Right Features, Benefits, and Emotional Hot Buttons

The SECOND thing which makes a website sell is hitting the right features, "point of difference benefits", and emotional hot buttons.   (A "point of difference benefit" is something highly sought after which makes you stand out in the marketplace... ideally something no other competitor can offer.  It's distinguished from a "price of entry" benefit, which every vendor worth his or her salt has to offer just to be considered in the running).

Most people haven't put the time and research into thinking through their primary point of difference.  That's manageable when you're selling in person, but online, you've really got to stand out.

WHY MOST WEBSITES FAIL AT JOB #3: Telling the Right Story!

The last thing which makes a website sell is THE RIGHT STORY. 

Your story is what brings it all together in a frictionless sales path... one the prospect eats up without "feeling sold to"... As a marketer, you probably already know storytelling is the most primitive type of communication.  A good story immediately bypasses the sales defenses...

That's why it's the business with the best "round the campfire" message which wins, time after time.   Most entrepreneurs don't even know what a SALES story really is, much less how to tell it with passion, warmth, and authenticity.

And hardly anyone knows which facts (point of difference benefits) to choose, or how to connect them with emotion to bring the prospect to a buying decision. 

But I do!

Well... that's exactly what I've been doing for the last 25 years for companies like:


In fact, when I add up all the money I've been paid by the companies above AND other companies like these (and the others listed above)...that sum comes to over $30,000,000.  NOT $30,000,000 of products I've helped THEM sell (that's a cheesy number quoted by many consultants who don't have a solid trail of business behind them... MY number would actually be in the BILLIONS if I quoted "apples to apples"  against them)...

I'm talking about actually having $30,000,000+ worth of cancelled checks... thirty million dollars actually written to companies Glenn and I own in full... $30,000,000 for helping major corporations learn how to (1) warmly engage their prospects; (2) with the right emotional benefits and; (3) the right story, told the right way.

So I hope by now you're starting to get excited about working together.

But don't let these numbers scare you...

I'm ready to stop traveling, and work with entrepreneurs on a small business budget.  I'm utterly sick of jet travel (there have literally been people who've thrown up on me in first class... if you get on enough planes, I guarantee it'll happen to you too... and you won't believe what else--just ask me when we talk and I'll tell you!)

But I'm not ready to stop working.

I admit I'm a workaholic... I don't have children, so my work has been my baby.  I think I would just shrivel up and die if I wasn't helping others find their passion and sell it to the world... it's work that's so deep in my soul I'll never be able to stop (really).

Of course, I'm not going to just give away my time and expertise (except for the initial FREE consultation).  And your investment will depend upon the volume and kind of work we choose to do together... but to give you a sense of things, we can get started for as little as $1,500.

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ALSO: I'm sure you'll understand why we must respectfully decline to help competitors sell "internet marketing services" or "internet marketing education" unless, in our sole judgment, there's no conflict of interest with our own plans.  

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