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ďGlenn Livingston has one of the most thoroughly vetted market research and product rollout systems I've ever seen. The man has reduced marketing to a nearly exact science and 80% of his projects succeed right out of the gate. His input on your project will be priceless."

Perry S. Marshall
Author "Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords" 

(Published by Entrepreneur Press)

"Glenn Livingston has systematized AdWords research, setup, and management to the point where I pity anyone trying to compete against him."

Howie Jacobson, Ph.D., Author "Adwords for Dummies" (Published by Wiley) 

Glenn has an amazing way of approaching market intelligence.  He combines the HEAD, the analytical, the numbers ... with the HEART, ... the subjective, the 'less quantifiable' ... and then he comes at it from a different direction 'what we SAY and what we DO' ... it becomes a quadrant ... he attacks the market from north, south, east, west, ... and then he quantifies that, so that it truly does become a love relationship with the prospective customer, with the market.  I'm convinced it gives him the power that no one else has ... few other people do this!"

Dave Seldon
Nashville, TN

"I wanted to give you some feedback based upon our consultation, and having to do with your fee.   [...]  based on how I have already improved my revenue stream, the ideas I have for Mike's business that will EASILY lead to 10's of thousands of extra dollars in increased business (not to mention repeat business from those customers), and the increased confidence I feel from having built my knowledge base, plus the money I have AVOIDED spending by recognizing the "pulls" of the social laws of reciprocity, etc., YOU ARE A BARGAIN!  You're definitely not charging enough, you can tell people I said so, and I'll pay you twice the price in the future.

Jan Stefanacci - 
Great Barrington, MA

"Well ... they wouldn't even BE your competition, it's that simple as far as I'm concerned [...]  people who have this information CAN find out exactly what the market wants and, the thing is, to the degree ... it's just amazing ... you can can find out almost to the letter exactly what they want, exactly how they PHRASE what they want, it's just amazing, and someone who doesn't have that, as far as I'm concerned, is NOT your competition!"

Stephen Georgulis
Sydney, Australia


"Itís been tremendous results working with Glenn and seeing the patterns he has used to develop this website and others through his experience and consistent results and advice that he gives.  He has always has somebody available when I needed instruction or assistance and the numbers from his past results and experiences almost speak for themselves... when I get the e-mails from him, yes, he is also the one that, you are excited to what is coming next, what other advice he has...And he has also got a great personality and sense of humor, a charming wife with great videos and interviews they do together"

Charles McCorquodale - HowToStartA

"I just want to thank you for providing us with your set of tools that I hadnít seen anyone else helped us with yet.  And I like you surveys.  You discovered a method for us to understand and get to the marketís head without them really even knowing that we are learning about it."

David Reynolds
Mesa, AZ

"Glenn Livingston is my number one resource of knowledge about doing business on the internet.  He has proven time and again to be an amazing teacher who provides for free more value than most others provide at a significant cost. 

Before I personally knew Glenn I bought his How to Double Your Business System for Market Research and it was more money than I had ever spent on a product before but since it has created a six figure affiliate based revenue stream for me and so that turned out to be a tiny amount to pay for the value that I got out of it.

I also used Glennís PPC management service RocketClicks, and the people in his office [...] really worked their tails off for me.  

I guarantee that they [put] in more hours on my account than the amount of money they [charged] me, I guarantee it.  Glenn has provided more value and more knowledge than anybody else that I followed.  

And in return I love Glenn probably almost as much as his wife, Sharon and maybe a little more than his dog.   

Thanks Glenn and I really mean it man.  Youíve done more for me than youíll ever know.  Thank you."

Travis Giggy,

"There's something that's playful and really joyously exploring like scientists do or all of us when we feel when we are on to something, and I find that very appealing"

Nissan Gable, Sharon MA - CreateFamily

"1 In 2,000 Visitors Drive Half Your AdWords Profits. Whoever Understands Him or Her Best, Wins!"

Dr. Glenn Livingston

17 Free AdWords MP3s, Cheat Sheets, and Videos Show You How to Attract, Convert, and Upsell the Most Valuable Customers in Your Market

Companies like Bausch & Lomb, Whirlpool, and Nabisco have previously paid my companies up to $500,000 per project.  But now, YOU can use these same easy-to-implement methods without paying my 6 figure consulting fees!




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"There's a lot of people out there that are scammers just trying to make a quick buck. Glenn is not like that - Two Thumbs Up for You Glenn, thanks for the opportunity to put in a good word" - Tim Carver, Layton, Utah

Dear Friend:

A little known conclusion of the 80/20 principle says roughly HALF your profit comes from roughly 5% of your customers.  (80% comes from the top 20%, but you can apply the rule again to the top 20%... kind of like "80/20 squared")

Even if the math is wrong, or doesn't fully apply to your business, it's a sobering thought.  A very small percentage of customers drive a lot of your business.  We call these people "Hyper-Responsive" and they're the customers who buy everything you've got, keep asking for more, and tell all their friends. 

Take this one step further and you'll see what this means in AdWords.  Because it takes at least 100 visitors for most sites to make a sale, and 20 sales to get a Hyper-Responsive customer,... 20 x 100 = 2,000 visitors! 

But here's the thing... you can dramatically improve the odds if you know what hyper-responsives are looking for in your market. You can optimize your AdWords strategies, your landing pages, and your follow up systems to attract more of them, convert them more easily, and upsell them faster. 

And because Hyper-Responsives usually "lead the pack" for your market as a whole, they're your best source of feedback for ALL your advertising efforts

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  • Get dramatically higher click through rates in AdWords, MSN, and Yahoo by researching what hyper-responsive searchers are thinking BEFORE they see your ad!
  • See how to find true "point of difference benefits" hyper-responsives look for in your market (the things people will open their wallets and pay for, as compared to plain old "price of entry" benefits which you'd better provide for free)
  • Find out how to capture hyper-responsive buying language: you've probably heard how important it is to use the customer's language, not your own.  This isn't news, even though hardly anyone does it.   But I'm talking about something WAY more powerful. I'm talking about HYPER-RESPONSIVE BUYING LANGUAGE ... the language people use when they're in heat and ready to buy, NOT when they're "kinda sorta thinking about it". 
  • Spare yourself the 'black-hole-money-pit' or "not-fully-researched dream" which almost ruins you (most entrepreneurs have at least one of these stories)
  • Discover the fewest keywords likely to make you the most money: most marketers are overwhelmed because they allow themselves to be distracted by entirely too many "keyword conversations".   Do you know what your single most important keyword is?  Do you have substantial logic to back your decision?
  • Learn how to get "The Unlimited Traffic Technique" to flood your site with the most valuable customers in your market

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"An Amazing Way To
Approach Market Intelligence"
Dave Seldon, Nashville, TN
"Eliminate Your Competition"
Stephen Georgulis,
Sydney, Australia

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Steven Pam - Melbourne, Australia

"Hi Glenn, It is Steven Pam here from Australia.  I run a commercial photography business here in Melbourne and I also produce a TV show for dogs on our community station, which you can find at 

There are a lot of gurus out there these days who claim to be able to massively grow your business, mind blowing offers and although many of them probably can help, it seems that while there is an abundance of people selling packages choked full of all sorts of tactics, there are not too many offering a principal set of approach that doesnít require you to sell your soul or becomes a Zig Ziggler of what you do. 

And I have subscribed to a lot of e-mail news letters that unsubscribed for about 99% of them, so Iím really little cynical about what some of the guruís promise.  But Iíve been following your work and receiving your e-mails for a couple of years now I guess and youíre one of probably about five internet marketing gurus whose integrity I trust and whose advice it take without hesitation.  

The audio recordings with your lovely wife, Sharon, are not only entertaining, they almost always provide little ah haa.. moments and valuable take-aways that I could put to work right away, and likewise the free e-mails that the value from the free stuff alone has been exceptional Ė Iíd recommend your products and services to anyone who is curious about making genuine progress in their online or offline business and without spilling these all.   Hey you guys, how is that for a testimonial?  Iím not getting paid and I wouldnít say this if I didnít mean it."

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Ramone Dees in Atlanta Georgia

This is Ramone Dees in Atlanta Georgia.  My website is  and I have been receiving regular updates, tips and all year coaching from Glenn Livingston for about two years or so.  I was initially introduced to him by Perry Marshall and I have found Glenn and his wife to revive some of the most useful instruction in the area of internet marketing. 

And now most recently I had the chance to listen to a couple of really key interviews that he did.  One was with his wife about the $2,000,000 loss and think they went in debt for about $700,000 right after 9/11, and it was just a really inspiring story about how they came back from that challenge and in the second interview was with Jeremy Hambly on the topic of Search Engine Optimization. 

This really provided a wealth of insight that helped me to understand the topic in the way that I had prior to the interview.  What I like most about Glenn is I get a sense of his integrity and his no hype approach to business building and coaching.  I think he is absolutely a wining choice for anybody who wants serious and sustained growth from their online business and that is why I became one of his affiliates because I am really comfortable referring my clients to his agency.

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Adam Collings, Provo Utah

"The first time I heard a message from Glenn Livingston was in a partner mp3 audio file that I listened to with Perry Marshall talking about the insight -  the psychology behind different keywords, the ability to grab clients at different steps in the buying process whether it is making sure that they do all their research with you so that eventually they do all of their purchasing with you, has been very insightful.  The company that I have started is a calisthenics or plyometrics for basketball ... I put up a quick survey ... ran the AdWords using Perry Marshallís book, built the psychology of those AdWords around Glenn Livingstonís psychology, directed them to a survey site that had 9 questions based on the 80/20 principle and it has worked wonderfully..."

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Click Here To Get Your Free AdWords
MP3s, AdWords Cheat Sheets,
and AdWords Videos Now

Dr. George Burroughs
Mobile, Alabama

"Hi Dr. Glenn Livingston.  This is George Burroughs, Iím a doctor of chiropractic in Mobile, Alabama.  Iím kind of new to the internet and somehow found Ken McCarthy and Perry Marshall and think the world with them.  Iíve seen a lot of people that I donít trust.  I trust them and they trust you and especially Perry Marshall speaks in his works so highly of you, so I started to check out your stuff and itís been incredibly helpful.  I like the depths that you take your concerns to Ė what I mean by that is it is not just fluffy stuff, you are really interested in how people think...I just think it is great, your willingness to share..."

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Dan Pfister - The Business Source

"Hi this is Dan Pfister from the business source and I would like to say that Glenn Livingston is really amazing. When I needed help in understanding what my market really wanted, I went to a number of experts and I got, you know, pretty mediocre results.  I didnít hit pay-dirt until I met Glenn, till I got his course, and the insights Glenn gave me wisely got me a whole understanding of what my market wanted, that was an instrumental in the success of other launches I did after that, after I did my work with Glenn and his product.  Anyway so I canít endorse, you know, Glenn Livingston hardly enough."

$0 to $28K/mo

The NY Times

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Cart Report


Marketing News

"I've been a marketer for 21 years now and I've had some successes and failures, and when I look back on my track record I've found that the failures were almost always because I didn't know who I was selling to.  I was really kind of playing what Dan Kennedy would call 'blind archery' ... and when I've done well, it's always because I was very clear on who my audience was and exactly what they wanted.  I had done well even with some simple survey techniques, but I heard everybody raving about the results they were getting with Glenn's techniques, so I was one of the first people to sign up"

Bill Harrison
Radio-TV Interview Report

Philadelphia, PA

"This is really a system where I can confirm before I go in and launch and start a venture, that I've increased my likelihood of success, ... you know, it's like having the answers to a test"

Brian Therrien
BST Enterprises

Charlotte, VT
(617) 747-3996

"The thing that immediately hit me was how clear he was about his targeted customer.  He really knew what his customers wanted and was providing that to them ... so he had got such clear marketing ... and REAL marketing, none of this other stuff that is giving the name 'marketing' ...  he really knew the marketing for his niche, what needed to be done.  I saw that and went 'I WANT TO DO THAT!'"

Barbara Warburg
United Kingdom


"do you know what I appreciate most about working with you and our group? It's how completely honest and unabashedly ethical you are. Sure, we'll grow our income through doing this, but the real story is that our customers will get what they want and need that much faster when we do this."

Byan Todd - CoAuthor "Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords" 
(Published by Entrepreneur Press)

"[What Glenn taught me was ...] Don't try to trick people ... really find out what it is that they desire, and with integrity develop that information and, through that caring and doing the research, you'll always build a relationship that you can continue to build on, in marketing and in business, ... and I think that's a winning formula"

Damon Dickinson
Mandala Multimedia
Asheville, NC

"I am just one of those newbies that is just starting to learn affiliate marketing and also trying to do, wellÖlearning how to do some e-commerce coaching and I can just say about you and to those who maybe listening, Glenn is the real deal, very generous with his time and his expertise.  Also, very genuine and very in the know"

Tim Carver. 
Layton, Utah

"When I check out your emails I tend to be a bit more open to what you have to say ,and I listen because its a wise thing to do when being serious about marketing my product with Google Adwords"

Gabriel Cruz
(comment on my blog)

"I have been listening to Glennís free blog posts and newsletters and mp3s and his advice has really helped me improve my AdWords campaigns"

Susan Stephens.  I live in San Jose, California

"I have been reading Glennís material and listening to his audios for several years and I feel he knows more than just about anybody out there on how to really go deep, deep, deep into a niche and to slice that niche so thin you get exactly the right people that need what you have to offer and those were the only ones you have to pay to reach.  This is very powerful stuff and it has influenced the way I approach pay per click in the consulting I do for my own marketing clients and in the books that I write..." 

Shel Horowitz, Hadley MA
(Author of "Grassroots Marketing", "Getting Noticed in a Noisy World" and several other books)

"When I first received one of your e mails I thought it was another worthless, time wasting piece of nonsense. I am glad I opened it and subscribed to your list. You have provided many insightful, valuable and highly relevant hints and tips. I have used some and found your general approach to business to be refreshing and a lesson to how relationships can be developed on-line."

Graham Walker,
(testimonial on blog)

"I do fully believe that if you apply these techniques, that they are scientific, proven, and 1000% dependable, and that you will dominate whatever market you go into ... I pity your competition!"

Sunny Hills,
Maui, HI

I've spent a lifetime in marketing and advertising consulting for companies like AT&T, Lipton, Novartis, Whirlpool, American Express, Colgate-Palmolive, Nextel, Hallmark, Ford Motor Company, Young and Rubicam, Kraft, Pansonic, Exxon, Citibank, and many, many more.   These 17 FREE MP3s, PDFs, and Videos represent some of my best thinking, concisely presented in an easy to digest format.   If you've read through this page and listened to my happy, happy subscribers, and you're still not convinced I've got something genuinely valuable to contribute, then, by all means, press the back button.  But if you've got even an inkling there might be something new and valuable here for you, don't you owe it to yourself to get your FREE AdWords MP3s, AdWords Cheat Sheets, and AdWords Videos now?  (Did I mention they were free?)

Glenn Livingston, CEO, Psy Tech Inc.

As the co-founder of a full service marketing agency (, I know a little something about AdWords too.  I've seen hundreds of accounts. We're endorsed by the authors of BOTH major AdWords books ("Adwords for Dummies" and "Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords").   I've also had hundreds of AdWords marketing students, taught dozens of seminars and workshops, and succeeded in over a dozen of my own AdWords markets.  I've been "in the trenches" and worked "inside the machine" to learn things no one else can.

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